The 'Pifco Usherette’ upcycled Torch Table Lamp/Desk Lamp

The 'Pifco Usherette’ upcycled Torch Table Lamp/Desk Lamp

Made from a vintage 1950s Pifco torch. Popcorn please.

I remember seeing old films where people were shown to their seats in the cinema by an usherette using a torch. This torch could have been one of those.

The 'Pifco Usherette’ Upcycled Torch Table Lamp/Desk Lamp

I love the soft gold colour of the torch and the fact that it still has its original pifco label. What fascinates me is that a torch has metamorphosed into a quirky electric table lamp. I have kept its basic integrity as much as possible; you still unscrew the front to replace the bulb (now a led spotlight). I have used twisted fabric covered flex for an authentic look.

Mounted on a Ising photographic tripod of the period.

"Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming old or unwanted products into new products of better quality, design or function."

P.S. for those who would like to know, the Provincial Incandescent Fittings Co. (or Pifco as they are better known) was established in Manchester in 1900.

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