Free delivery on all UK orders
Free delivery on all UK orders
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'Landlines' is a collection of hand-made Pate de Verre glass pendant lights made by Jo Newman

These pendant shades are made using the Pate de Verre technique and each one is unique.

The surface pattern/design is drawn by hand using coloured glass powders and the forming process takes place over numerous kiln firings.

The surface of the glass shade is matt and once illuminated the crushed glass shows through creating an interplay between the layers.

These pendant lights come complete with coarse-weave linen cable, chrome lamp holder, rose and bulb.

Each one is independently PAT tested for safety.

All lights must be fitted by a qualified electrician.

It’s a Light uses new electrical components for its lighting which comply with all current UK and EU legislation.
All prices include careful packing and delivery to England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland. For international deliveries please contact Jo Newman on +44 (0)7530 968386 for shipping rates.