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Amsterdam Light Festival 2019/2020

UxU Studio

Gali May Lucas

Koros Design

Amsterdam Light Festival

The Amsterdam Light Festival is set to return in November 2019 running until January 2020, (literally) putting Amsterdam's beautiful city centre and its canals in the limelight.

Amsterdam Light Festival is a highlight of the holiday season and 2019/2020 marks its seventh edition. As in previous years, a whole host of Dutch and international artists will contribute to the festival, creating spectacular light sculptures around Amsterdam's historic Canal Ring, the River Amstel and other special locations.

The installations can be viewed from a boat, on foot or by bike. You can wander around and explore the works at your leisure, or follow one of the dedicated routes which enhance the experience.

This year's theme is ‘The Medium is the Message’, the famous statement by the Canadian scientist Marshall McLuhan. The role of light in conveying a message and the city of Amsterdam as a medium for telling stories are central to this edition.

As the festival nears, more information will be made available. Head to the Amsterdam Light Festival website for more information and exclusive updates about the participating artists.

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