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Sedna re-creates Picasso lighting experiment using LEDs

Sedna, the Cardiff LED lighting specialist, has recreated Picasso’s light experiment using an LED torch to mark the 43rd anniversary of the artist’s death.

Mike Collins who was responsible for re-creating Picasso’s experiment, says: “Sedna have proved themselves to be innovative thinkers -using their resources to make a brighter world.”

Collins explains his approach on YouTube:

In 1949 Pablo Picasso was introduced to Life Magazine’s photographer, Gjon Mili. Mili, who was already working on creating lighting projects, showed Picasso some of his photographs of ice skaters with tiny lights attached to their skates jumping in the dark.
According to a report from LIFE Magazine of the time, Picasso gave Mili 15 minutes to try one experiment: he asked Mili to take pictures of him drawing with a small electric light in a darkened room.

Sedna exec Mariya Fuijkschot said: “I was researching for some time how light was previously implemented in the world of art when I came across the article in LIFE magazine about Picasso drawing with electric torch in the dark in 1949. The idea to recreate this incredible experiment was instantly born. We started working on it immediately. The result is beyond my bravest expectations.”


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