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Midcentury Modern organisers host show on the web

The Midcentury Modern Shows team of Lucy Ryder Richardson and Petra Curtis are all grounded until next year.

Joan Porter, Antiques Trade Gazette 30 Nov 2020

This 'Fun Funnel' table/desk lamp is made from oil and fuel funnels and costs £95. Creator Michael Grassi said: “When you look at a funnel as I do all too frequently you realise how much design goes into them.”

This includes fairs at Dulwich College in south London, Haggerston School in the East End of London, the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield, Yorkshire, and assorted pop-ups.
Eager buyers of Midcentury items can, however, head to the organisers’ show on the web. The Modern Marketplace sells the work of their approved designers, re-purposers and restorers, on which there is no sales commission.
Designer Michael Grassi has newly joined the Marketplace, where he sells his funky and other re-purposed lighting.
This includes a Metropolis steam punk table lamp made from slide projector parts and named after the famed 1927 sci-fi film, classic cameras on tripods which are transformed into unusual lights and 1920s-30s pendant ceiling lights.
Grassi is based in Kidderminster and hopes to be an exhibitor at next year’s Midcentury shows.

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