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By the end of the year, Copenhagen will open this stunning floating park

A little while ago, Australian architect Marshall Blecher teamed up with Danish design studio Fokstrot, and designed a floating park in the Copenhagen harbor, titled Copenhagen Islands. And even though the park might look like something out of a science-fiction novel, it will be opened to public by the end of 2020!
According to the studio, the islands in this “parkipelago” will offer platforms for all sorts of activities: swim zones, floating saunas, floating gardens, floating mussel farms and a even a floating sail-in café.

Image credits: MIR

“The top of the islands will be planted with endemic grasses, bushes, and trees, which will provide a sanctuary in the middle of an otherwise highly developed part of the city for the local seagulls, swans, pigeons, and ducks,” said Marshall Blecher in an interview with Dezeen.

The Copenhagen Islands were designed by Australian architect Marshall Blecher and Danish design studio Fokstrot
Image credits: Copenhagen Islands

The designers constructed the islands using traditional boat-building techniques, and used sustainable and recycled materials.
Image credits: Airflix

“During summer the islands can be distributed to unused parts of the harbor, serving as an adventurous escape for the increasing amount of kayaks, sailors and general users of the harbor coast line,” says the studio. “During winter and for special events or festivals, the islands can be brought together as a super-continent, creating a cluster more easily accessed from the harbor side.”

The islands will have different configurations during winter and summer months
Image credits: Copenhagen Islands

So far, only the first prototype island CPH-Ø1 was built, but Fokstrot says that it’s only one of many islands to come.

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