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Custom-made lighting

Custom-made Empire typewriter table lamp

Have you ever wanted to have something made specially for you or for a friend?

If you have a camera, typewriter or significant object you would like turned in to a unique light just use the contact form below to send me details of your project. There's no obligation and I won't take on a project that's not possible or would risk damaging the item. I will decide on the best course of action and and give you a price.

Prices can range from £150.00 to £500.00 depending on complexity.

Please use the contact form below to send me details of your project.



Mobile phone addicted monkey lamp sculpture.

A bespoke LED dimmable iPhone lamp that lights up a monkey sculptures face.

The sculpture was created by Julia Levander

Custom-made Bolex film projector table lamp

Created to give the impression that it is still functioning and I have added an extra light source on the inside of the body creating a glow through the base grills.

To switch the light on you turn the original projector switch (I replace all electrical parts and PAT test for safety).


Custom-made 'River of light' table lamp

I find the simple, angular lines of this Werra fascinating; it is like no other camera I have worked on before. To wind on the film and set the shutter you had to twist the lens surround.

Fully adjustable in height with a smart red cable.


Custom-made Bolex film projector floor lamp

Designed as an homage to the wonderful classic Bolex 16mm cine camera.
The shiny shade curves to complement the camera's shape. The oversized opaque bulb is reminiscent of a photographic studio light, 'camera becomes light for camera'. The vintage tripod is a wooden version of today's aluminium studio tripods.

Custom-made light fitting

This custom-made fitting was made to fit in the hall of a Victorian villa in Worcestershire.

Period antique finish ceiling rose and lamp holders complement the encaustic tile floor with the orange lighting flex adding a touch of modernity.

I appreciate and respect the beauty, the engineering and the design of original manufactured objects and I love the challenge of taking things apart and examining their construction and creating something new.

Let me transform one of your treasured items into an unusual piece of lighting.

If you are interested please use the contact form above to send me details of your project.