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About Jo

Jo graduated from West Surrey College of Art & Design in 1985 and after spending a short time working in a small glass studio in Stroud, began a career in Higher Education. She now works full time in her studio at the Ruskin Glass Centre in Stourbridge where she makes her own work and teaches short courses in kiln formed glass techniques.

Jo is drawn to the natural rhythms and patterns on the land around her. Her ideas develop from time spent walking along the beach, picking through objects left on the shoreline and from time spent drawing in the countryside. She says “As I start to draw and print I begin the process of visually sifting through what I‘m looking at, developing a visual short hand of lines and marks, tone and texture - a distillation of what I’m seeing and a way of getting to the essence of things.” The interpretation and depiction of the landscape, and the development of an expressive and graphic range of marks, is an on-going exploration and is a key aspect of her work.

Jo’s drawings and prints are the starting point for compositions in glass which bring together individual fused and cast glass elements consisting of line, colour, shape and fine expressive calligraphic brush strokes.